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Heart warming pet loss memorials, keepsakes and sympathy gifts for all those who have lost a beloved pet.

Dog Loss

You were
such a great
constant, loyal
and true.

Pet Loss

I gave you shelter, you gave me JOY. I gave you food, you gave me LOYALTY I gave you walks, You gave me COMPANIONSHIP. I gave you my heart, you gave me unconditional LOVE.

Cat Loss

Its hard to know what to say when family, friends or colleagues lose a beloved animal companion.
Let us help ease the heartache with a thoughtful and caring sympathy gift.

Many of us share a strong bond and love with our animal companions. So, it is only natural to feel overwhelmed by feelings of grief and loss when a beloved dog, cat, or other pet dies. For numerous people a pet is “not just a pet”, but rather a part of the family. The beloved pet brings companionship, fun and unconditional love to a person or family. While some people may not understand the extent of feelings shared for a pet, never feel guilty about grieving the loss of a beloved animal friend.